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Spinal traction therapy is being conducted since 1980’s by physiotherapists for backache relief.  One of the methods is spinal traction by Lumbarest mat which uses the patient’s own weight to relax the spine. This mat has a corrugated surface; therefore, its lamellas can be easily compressed and expanded which is effective for spinal relaxation. The Lumbarest mat with 18 percent recumbency uses the same percentage of body mass as a force to straighten the spine. This Lumbarest therapy can also be used for chronic obstructive lung disease.


Purpose of Lumbarest mat:

The main purpose of this mat is to relax the spine and strengthen the surrounding structures of the spine like ligaments, tendons and muscles. In this way, it helps in relieving chronic back pain, post-traumatic pain, pain induced by the exercise, to treat other back diseases like herniated disc, degenerated disc etc. and improves the nutrition of spine thus increasing the chances of a better lifestyle. There are some contraindications; pregnancy, fractured vertebra, aortic aneurysm etc.

How does Lumbarest mat work:

Lumbarest mat comes in various densities and the patient should first discuss his condition with the physician and use the type prescribed by him. The Lumbarest mat should be used on a rigid surface.  Some additional accessories used with it are; cervical support, support for the back, head cushion, neck pillow, top over the mattress. The Lumbarest mat has two parts; a longer part and a shorter part, the shorter one has lesser corrugations.

The patient sits on the shorter part and lies on his back horizontally on the mat in the correct position. Next, use the cervical support with both hands and use this support beneath your neck without letting go of the support. Don’t raise your head and pull the support towards the mat, if the head is raised repeat all of this again. Now, lie relaxed on the mat for about a minimum of 45 minutes. The patient should remain silent and torsional movements are appreciated. For mild to moderate cases, it should be conducted once daily and for severe and acute back pain it can be conducted three or four times per day.

Benefits over other techniques:

It is cost effective, easy to use and portable. It can be used for a variable amount of time as lying on it for more than 45 minutes won’t cause any harm. It has no therapeutic side-effects as compared to NSAIDs and steroids. It gives very good results in a very short period of time as it decreases pressure on the inter-vertebral disks within first 20 minutes of use. Its performance is extended to the cervical region. The Lumbarest mat is widely used by the adults because of its simplicity as it is very helpful to prevent decubitus ulcer.

Lumbarest mattress is a modern decompression therapy for your back for any gender or age. It overall increases the health of the spine improving its mobility and strength. It has no potential risks or side-effects and it is recommended by physicians worldwide.