Top 3 Methods of Spinal Decompression Using Traction

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Spinal decompression is a type of traction (stretching) therapy that provides patients suffering from spine-related pain an effective alternative to invasive surgery and pain medications
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Top 3 Methods of Spinal Decompression Using Traction

The Most Common 3 Methods of Spinal Decompression Using Traction

In this modern era of medical science and technology, medical professionals have discovered different spinal decompression methods without any surgery. All these spinal traction procedures aimed to aid in removing additional pressure on the inter-vertebral discs.

Now the question arises that what are inter-vertebral discs? These are small structures similar to a cushion that are placed between your vertebrae. All these discs together provide strength and constancy to your back by serving as shock absorbers. Herniation or Bulging of these discs due to long periods of stress and other factors may lead to persistent back pain. Decompression or traction techniques are used to relieve pain in such painful conditions.

Popular Spinal Decompression Methods

There are several procedures for spinal traction to treat back pain.

Manual Decompression:

This traditional procedure of spinal traction is used by the physiotherapists for relieving back pain. This treatment is done manually by exerting force on muscles and joints without the use of any extensive mechanical tools. However, this procedure is no longer used because of its low efficiency.

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Mechanical Decompression:

This procedure is an advanced way of spinal decompression in which a table is used for performing the process. The major disadvantage of this treatment is that the patients generally experience extreme muscular spasms after the affected areas have been healed.

Lumbarest Therapy:

In this procedure, optimally designed mats are used for treating back pain in both sitting and recumbent positions. This brings relief in back pain by decreasing muscle tension in the back, which lead to spinal traction. This procedure uses mats that are similar to foams possessing high elasticity properties and thus help in alleviating the pain. Some of the major benefits of Lumbarest system include the following:

  • Regeneration of tissues by increased vasculature
  • Reduced tone in tendons and muscles
  • Extension of compressed muscular structures
  • Increased lymphatic flow
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