Waist Massage Tools, Muscle Release for Deep Tissue Massage

Waist Massage Tools, Muscle Release for Deep Tissue Massage


Specifically designed to use one peak at a time on each psoas muscle, the Psoas-Stretcher is just as effective at releasing tightness in nearly every muscle of the body. Nothing has ever alleviated the pain, only PSOAS-Stretcher may lessened it.

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Psoas Stretcher Hip Flexor Release Tool – Perfect for Myofascial Pain, Iliacus, Piriformis Syndrome, Hamstring, Back, Glutes, Abdomen, Groin, and Tendon

Unmatched, aggressive, and simple. The most innovative self-care mobility aid available today is the Psoas Stretcher. The hip flexors, or psoas complex, are regarded as the body’s soul. They help to pump blood and lymph throughout our body, support our digestive systems, control our fight-or-flight response, and regulate breathing.

You now have access to your own in-house therapist who can treat hip pain and dysfunction whenever you choose. The Psoas Stretcher device is shaped like a therapist’s hand and has the hardness of an elbow. In the human body, muscle tissue is released by pressure and only pressure. While some businesses create soft goods in an attempt to persuade you that pain can be “relaxed,” Psoas Stretcher was created to offer relief.

It  is indeed an effective tool for psoas release and can provide relief for individuals experiencing hip, lower back, or pelvic pain. Its unique design, user-controlled pressure, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to your wellness routine.

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