TENS Therapy Pain Relief Machine with 3 Energy Sources. FDA Approved.


TENS Therapy Pain Relief Machine with 3 Energy Sources. FDA Approved.


Silk’n Pain Killer Electronic Device uses specific wavelengths and bipolar RF to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms and increase blood circulation, drawing oxygen and nutrients to the infected area. The deep heating creates an optimal healing environment that accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation, muscle aches, stiffness, and pain. The therapeutic effects may also include muscle relaxation and an improved range of motion.

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Muscle & Joint TENS Therapy Pain Relief Device Silk’n Electronic Pain Killer

Suffering from pain? TENS therapy provides drug-free relief with three energy sources for an FDA-approved, comfortable experience. The machine is easy to use and offers fast, effective relief from all types of pain. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits today and experience the difference!

The only FDA-cleared home-use electronic device for pain relief featuring the patented synergy of 3 energy sources to gain pain relief and help the body heal itself:

  • 3-E’s powerful technology treats the pain at its source while optimizing and accelerating the body’s repair mechanisms to expedite the healing process.
  • Bipolar radiofrequency (RF)–deep penetration technology increases blood circulation to treat the source of the muscle and joint pain.
  • LLLT, low-light laser pain relief therapy, to treat muscle spasms, muscle stimulator for pain relief.
  • Dual Optical Energy – Light with dual wavelengths: (IR) Infra Red and red spectrum for treating surface skin pain and stiffness.
  • The Pain Killer Electronic Device with 3 Energy Sources provides chronic pain relief, trauma aching, sport discomfort, and menstrual cramps.

Pain Relief Machine Silk'n

Eliminates pains in minutes – Drug-free, 100% natural, safe & efficient.

Electronic pain killer machine from Silk’n is a low-risk pain relief option for many people. It is only an FDA-cleared home-use electronic device for aches relief. TENS therapy pain relief works by stimulating the sensory nerves to reduce the intensity of pain. It does this by activating the pain gate mechanism without addictive painkillers, like opiates or other drugs.

The use of this small, but efficient device in a clinical context, with a specific intention of symptomatic pain relief, is supported by strong clinical evidence. The usefulness of it in clinical pain relief has been demonstrated in research by the lack of a placebo intervention when laser, light and radiofrequency influences were compared to a placebo method, indicating pain relief.

Therapy Pain Relief Machine can be used on many types of pain and doctors have used it to treat varying degrees of pain. There have been reviews of the device’s efficacy in the management of pain over the last 7 years. One review found that there was evidence of acupuncture points being stimulated by a unit and a reduction in pain. The results of clinical trials vary depending on the type of pain being treated.

One study found that treatment provided temporary pain relief for fibromyalgia sufferers. Therapy Pain Relief Machine does not a cure for any type of physical pain. However, hundreds of thousands of pain sufferers around the world have used this therapy to provide
short-term relief from many types of painful conditions, such as back, knee and neck pain.

Silk’n electronic pain killer units, utilizing transcutaneous electro-magnetic nerve stimulation, bi-polar radiofrequency (RF)–deep penetration, increasing blood circulation, and low-light laser therapy to treat muscle spasms, stimulate muscle in the affected area.

The body has specific natural pain relief mechanisms, and the laser pain relief machine is designed to target these specific nerve pathways. The stimulation of the sensory nerves releases natural pain relievers called endorphins. Depending on the type, the electrical current can also stimulate other natural pain-relieving mechanisms.
The production of the body’s own natural pain killer, called endogenous opiates, is stimulated by the Pain Relief Machine With 3 Energy Sources. These substances are able to block pain signals from reaching the spinal cord and brain. They also relax the muscles that are causing the pain, making the pain feel less intense.

FDA 510K Certificate.

Pain Relief Machine to gain pain relief

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