Seating Cushion Detensor Provides is a Lumbar Back Support Pillow and Sitting Assistance Orthopedic Cushion


Seating Cushion Detensor Provides is a Lumbar Back Support Pillow and Sitting Assistance Orthopedic Cushion


Lower back (lumbar) support and massage orthopedic pillow DETENSOR is the best for passive unloading of the spine in a long-time sitting position intended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the lumbar spine, sciatica, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, discomfort and back pain. The lumbar support pillow brings the shoulders back and should be used while driving in the car or at a desk job.

  • Lumbar support pillow is the inexpensive, supportive, and comfortable cushion that will save your back.
  • Placing pillows behind your lower back can provide good lumbar support. It’ll help your spine to reduce pressure on your low back.
  • The material is designed to keep your back cool and reduce sweat.
  • Larger and longer than most lumbar support pillows, this one is built to also help support your upper and middle back.
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Back Support Seating Cushion for Car, Truck, Chairs Detensor


Being seated for long periods of time can trigger discomfort and pain in your lower back, shoulders, and neck. This is specifically right when you have a sedentary lifestyle because of your job or health conditions. What jobs are considered sedentary? Below are some examples of when physical activity is rarely part of these important but sitting jobs. Such professions are: a clerk or as a transportation provider such as an Uber driver, bus driver, truck or taxi driver, illustrators, graphic artists, writers, architects, and much more. Such support for the back and lower back is also necessary for people with disabilities who spend the whole day in a wheelchair.

The Detensor seating cushion – lumbar support pillow is ideal for those who are suffering from a lower back injury, such as sciatica or herniated disc, as it keeps their spine in alignment while minimizing pressure on their lower back muscles and discs. The soft cover is removable for easy washing. Care instructions are included with this product.

The Detensor back support seating cushion is designed to grant efficient safety and support for the lower back. It is a therapeutic device that aims to relieve back pain, improve sitting posture, and stimulate spinal cord alignment. The seating cushion works based on a unique combination of materials and design features that target the specific needs of the lumbar back.
The Detensor back support cushion helps protect the back by preparing optimal spinal decompression forces. The cushion is made up of multiple layers of foam with high density, which work together to distribute body weight evenly and reduce pressure on the spine. This helps to relieve compression on the intervertebral discs, allowing them to recover their natural shape and height. By decompressing the lumbar spine, the seating cushion helps to ease pain caused by conditions such as bad posture, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis.
Furthermore, the Detensor low back support seat cushion promotes appropriate spinal alignment. The unique design of the lumbar cushion includes raised contours that represent the natural curves of the spine. These contours help to maintain the correct posture while sitting or lying down, preventing excessive deformation that can damage the spinal muscles and lead to pain. By supporting proper alignment, the seating cushion helps to reduce stress on the spine and prevent postural imbalances.

In addition to spinal decompression and alignment, the Detensor back support seat cushion also provides targeted support to specific areas of the back. The cushion is designed with recessed areas that correspond to the natural curves of the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine. These recessed areas help to cradle and support these areas, providing extra comfort and stability. By providing targeted support, the cushion helps to relieve pressure on these vulnerable areas and reduce discomfort.
Moreover, using a Detensor back support seating cushion can also improve blood circulation in the back. The decompression effect created by the cushion helps to increase space between vertebrae, allowing for improved nutrient and oxygen flow to the spinal discs. This enhanced circulation can aid in the healing process and promote overall back health.
Overall, the Detensor back support cushion is a valuable device for protecting the back health. Its unique combination of materials, design features, and therapeutic benefits work together to provide effective support, decompression, alignment, and targeted relief. By using this seating cushion, individuals can experience reduced back pain, improved posture, and enhanced spinal health.

Prevent back pain and neck aches while driving or sitting.

  • Prevent back pain and neck aches while driving or sitting.
  • Lumbar support back cushion helps keep your spine in alignment, which prevents slouching and keeps the discs in between vertebrae healthy.
  • Also, if you have lower back injury or sciatica (a painful nerve condition that affects one or both legs), this will help you sit comfortably without putting pressure on your spine or leg muscles.

Breathable cotton and sponge filling material, comfortable and flexible.

  • Breathable cotton and sponge filling material, comfortable and flexible.
  • The seating pad is made of breathable cotton which can provide you with a good night’s sleep. The sponge filling inside the pillow is soft and flexible, so that it will not hurt your neck even if you use the product for many years.

Lumbar Support Pillow Detensor

Enhance the comfort of your car with this soft pillow.

What is a lumbar support seat cushion?

It is a lumbar cushion that provides support to your lower back and helps you maintain a healthy posture while sitting. It can be used in any vehicle, including cars and trucks as well as office chairs, desk chairs, or even at home. The best thing about this type of pillow is that it’s very easy to use; all you have to do is place it under your lower back area so that your spine stays straight when sitting for long periods at work or home.

What does this mean for me?

If you spend most of your day working on computers then chances are good that by now the muscles in your neck and shoulders are starting to get sore from all the hunched over posture we tend towards when working at computers all day long (and even sometimes when watching TV). A great way around this problem would be getting yourself one of these types of supports because they’re perfect for anyone looking into relieving some tension off their shoulders while allowing them enough room so they don’t feel cramped up inside their chair either!

Perfect for office seating, recliner chairs, car seats and more!

This lumbar support seat cushion is designed to be used in a car, but it can also be used on the couch or in an office chair. It’s made of soft cotton and sponge filling material that’s comfortable and flexible. The pillow will provide you with support for your lower back while sitting, which can help reduce pain caused by sitting for extended periods of time. It’s perfect for anyone who has back pain or neck aches!

This is a great product for driving or other sitting where you need lumbar support.

If you’re the type who has back pain, this pillow is for you. If you sit for long periods of time or drive long distances, this product will help provide lumbar support and prevent further damage to your lower back.

It also works well in conjunction with other pillows or cushions that provide neck support (if needed).

Lumbar Support Cushion for Car, Truck and Chair

This lumbar support pillow is great for sitting in a car seat or chair. It helps keep your back straight while sitting and also supports the lower part of your spine, so that you can feel comfortable while driving or working at home. The pillow is made of soft cotton and sponge filling, which makes it very comfy to use for long periods of time. You can wash it whenever necessary by hand or machine wash (cold water).

The innovative design allows this lumbar support pillow to be used either on its own or together with another cushion (e.g., seat cushion).

Material of the Lumbar Support Pillow

The lumbar support pillow is made of cotton and sponge and it’s soft, comfortable and easy to clean. The removable cover can be removed for washing. Care instructions are included in the package.

Seating cushion Detensor change the vertebrae positions and decompress the lumbar spine


  • The lumbar support pillow is made of high-quality materials and can be used for a long time.
  • This cushion provides you with the best comfort and support that you need in your daily life.
  • It helps to relieve back pain while sitting or driving a car, truck, etc…
  • You can put this cushion on any chair or seat where you want to rest your back after a hard day’s work!

Benefits of Using a Lumbar Cushion

Lumbar support semi roll pillows are used to help improve posture and reduce the risk of injury. They can also be used to keep the spine in proper alignment, which will help you avoid back pain, as well as improve your overall health.

One of the most common uses for lumbar support pillows is to help people avoid lower back pain while they are sitting at work or driving long distances in their car. These types of cushions will provide extra support so that your lower back stays straight while you sit on them rather than slouching forward into a position that can cause damage over time.

Good to have a Lumbar Support Cushion in Your Vehicle to Prevent Low Back Pain During Long Trips.

Lumbar support vertical cushion Detensor are great for long car rides and other instances when you need to sit for extended periods of time. They reduce back pain by providing a firm amount of support for your lower back, helping to keep it in alignment. This can help prevent injuries as well as give you more energy during the day because you won’t be hunched over trying to relieve pressure on your spine.

Lumbar supports come in many different styles and shapes, but they all serve the same purpose: providing extra stability and comfort while sitting down. You can use them at home or at work (in any chair!), so they’re very versatile! Some people prefer round cushions while others prefer rectangular ones; either way is fine since both types will provide ample lumbar support if used correctly. If you’re unsure which one would work best for your needs then experiment with both options until finding one that feels most comfortable against your backside during prolonged periods of sitting time.”


The lumbar support seating cushion is a great product for driving or other sitting where you need lumbar support. It is easy to use and comes with detailed instructions on how to position it correctly. If you have been experiencing back pain while driving, then this pillow will help alleviate some of those aches and pains by supporting your lower back while sitting upright in your car seat or chair.

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