Back Stretcher Massager for Lumbar Pain Relief

Back Stretcher Massager for Lumbar Pain Relief


How to Use:

1. Place the back stretcher on flat.
2. Slowly lie your back onto the arch with hands supporting.
3. Keep the back stretcher close to your lower back, mid-back or upper-back.
4. Align your spinal with the central foam pad of the spine corrector.
5. After stretching, gradually sit up and stay for 30 seconds before standing.

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There’s very little clinical research on the health benefits of using a back stretcher specifically, but there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that stretching can improve back pain. When used properly, a back stretcher can be a helpful addition to your stretching routine.

What are the benefits of lying on a back stretcher?
It stretches the spine (especially the thoracic region), the spine will become more mobile and there will be more space between the vertebrae. The posture will improve, this means less burden for the lower back which will have a positive effect on the hernia.
While the lower level may be suitable for many dealing with general tightness or tension, Jaffe cautions that the third (and highest) level creates a large arch in the back, “and again, if there’s some sort of underlying condition or even just really tight muscles, you could go into a spasm or do some damage.”
Build up the use of the Back stretcher slowly to a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes per session. When using the Back stretcher, it is important that you lie comfortably and that you can relax. It is important that you lie down in the middle of the Back stretcher so that the vertebra lies in the intended groove.
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