Back Pain Relief Therapeutic Device LumbarRest Free US Shipping


Back Pain Relief Therapeutic Device LumbarRest Free US Shipping

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  • Non Surgical Safe Back Pain Relief Spine Traction Mat
  • Gentle Traction without Any Negative Side Effects
  • Non Surgical Inter-Vertebral Spinal Discs Decompression
  • Get Rid of Your Lower Back Pain (Lumbago)
  • Lower Back Pain Holistic Treatment and Relief


Low Back Pain Relief Non-Invasive Decompression Therapy Device.

It is a well-known fact that every eighth resident of the United States has back problems. Accordingly, various therapies and devices have been developed, are already in use, or are being developed for future use. It will take more than one day to list all the known options. Therefore, I will not take your time, but I will go straight to the description of our device. We have tried to combine different ideas in order to create an effective, affordable, and safe device for lower back pain relief.

The primary idea is based on a 1983 patent (inventor Peter Forster). This idea – A molded elastic mattress is formed with a plurality of laterally directed ribs for coming into contact with a human body. The ribs are tilted with respect to the longitudinal axis to relieve pressure on the dorsal spine.

Under the force of gravity, equal to the weight of a person, the ribs deflect. Since they are in contact with the patient’s body, they pull it out with a force proportional to the weight. Experience has shown that this force is 15% to 20% of the load. Later we decided to add infrared heating to relax the spinal muscles and as result to shorten the time of procedure. We installed the 12V IR element, which is safe and powerful enough.


In the phase of acute pain, for example, with an acute “lumbago” or in the first week start of procedures:

  1. The duration of the procedure is 45 – 60 minutes – weekly from three to four times in day. With an interval between procedures – 3 hours.
  2. In general, the mode of the procedures is determined by the patient’s condition or the recommendations of the attending physician.
  3. Carrying out the procedure in the evening is the most effective, since during a night’s sleep, the load on the spine is minimal, the effect of the procedure lasts until the morning.

In the early days of the procedure, some patients may experience discomfort and pain. After several procedures, all possible pain and discomfort disappear. If the technique of use is observed, the tensile forces are from 15% to 20% of the homologous weight. The traction works continuously as long as the supine position is maintained.

During the procedure, you must wear lightweight, elastic clothing (for example, a sports tracksuit). If you have the opportunity to carry out the procedure in underwear. In this case, the maximum achievable force of extension and extension of the rib system of the product is ensured.

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