Lower Back Pain Relief with Back Traction Device for at-Home Use | Spinal Decompression LumbaRest Therapy


Lower Back Pain Relief with Back Traction Device for at-Home Use | Spinal Decompression LumbaRest Therapy


  • Lumbarest low back pain relief device at home provides a non-invasive spinal decompression and lower back pain relief
  • Gentle lumbar spinal traction at home with 86% back pain relief treatment success rate with no negative side effects
  • Home back traction therapy device Lumbarest mat for lumbar pain relief utilizes only gravity for the back decompression
  • Whether you have a pinched nerve, sciatica, herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, or leg weakness Lumbarest therapy mat may help you
  • Lumbarest spinal decompression therapy can help you find lasting relief without the addictive drugs and risky surgery
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Lower Back Pain Relief with Home Spine Traction Device | Mat Lumbarest Back Decompression

Buy Lower Back Pain Relief via Spine Decompression at Home Device Lumbarest with Confidence – Satisfaction Guaranteed. We’ll Provide Full Refund for Undamaged Returns, No Questions Asking.

The spinal cord is a complex organization of nerve cells responsible for movement and sensation. The spinal cord consists of bundles of nerve axons forming pathways that carry incoming and outgoing messages between the brain and the rest of the body. The spinal cord lies inside the spinal column, which is made up of 33 bones called vertebrae. In everyday life, all this is collectively called the back and it is not always clear what exactly hurts. The most common spinal diseases are Sciatica, Lumbago, Degenerative disc disease, Herniated disc, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosis and some more. This divides diseases according to the place of the disease and its cause. Lumbarest, as the name implies, is a product for the treatment of the lower back and nearby parts of the spine.

At the same time, our traction mat is effective not only for the treatment of low back pain, but also for other causes of the back pain and sleep disorders such as osteoporosis or scoliosis. In short, the Lumbarest method – therapy is a system for safe, comfortable relaxation (muscle relaxation), primarily of the paravertebral muscles and gentle stretching (traction) of the spine to restore its full functioning. It meets the basic requirements for an ideal system for spinal reconstruction, namely: the combination of simultaneously long-term back traction in conditions of complete relaxation while maintaining the physiological curves of the spine. This is ensured by an elastic structure having inclined ribs, the position of which changes under the influence of the patient’s mass.

Non-surgical spinal decompression (also referred to as vertebral axial decompression) traction devices are used as traction therapy for lower back pain relief. This is done by creating negative pressure on the spine so that the vertebrae are elongated, and pressure is removed from the nerve roots. The mechanism of action of this technology is based on the fact that herniated and degenerated disks cause pain by applying pressure to the spinal nerves. Product Lumbarest is the most effective and gentle products for the gentle lower back traction and non-invasive spinal decompression. For the almost 40 years of studies there are no negative side effects detected.

There are many lower back traction devices for lower back pain relief home use available on the market. But most of them are an expensive, high-tech form of mechanical traction that provides relief in some cases of low back pain, but it is widely promoted by manufacturers to correct degenerated and herniated discs without surgery. Opposite to others, Lumbarest is based on natural therapy. The primary idea for Lumbarest is based on a 1983 patent (inventor Peter Forster). This idea is the lower back traction elastic mat with laterally directed ribs for coming into contact with a human body. The ribs are tilted with respect to the longitudinal axis to relieve interdiscal pressure on the dorsal spine.

Under the force of gravity, equal to the weight of a person, the ribs deflect. Since they are in contact with the patient’s body, they pull it out with a force proportional to the weight. Experience has shown that this force is 15% to 20% of the load. The cause of compression and disruption of the normal functioning of the spine, gravity becomes the engine that provides gentle but effective spinal decompression. This method of traction of the lower back and spine at home gives real results in the treatment of the lower back pain and the entire spine without a single case of negative side effects. And at the same time, the effectiveness of Lumbarest lower back pain relief traction therapy proven by clinical trials exceeds 86%.

Later, we decided to add infrared heating to relax the spinal muscles and, as, to shorten the time of procedure. We installed the 12V IR element, which is safe and powerful enough.


Lumbar (low back) traction helps to separate the spaces between your vertebrae, the bones that make up your spine. In theory, slightly separating these bones can help take the pressure off pinched nerves (such as the sciatic nerve) to decrease your pain and improve your mobility. A 2014 study found that mechanical traction was effective in treating people with pinched nerves and neck pain. Mechanical traction was more effective than exercising alone or exercising in addition to using over-door traction.

In conclusion, lumbar traction is both effective in improving symptoms and clinical findings in patients with lumbar disc herniation and also in decreasing the size of the herniated disc material as measured by CT. Experts think that traction expands the space between the vertebrae, increases the movement of the joints and stretches the muscles and ligaments around the vertebrae. There is no negative side-effects were noticed at the clinical practice and studies.

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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 21 × 18 in

We provide instructions on how to stretch the spine to get rid of back or lower back pain at home. In this tutorial, we are using the first model of a traction mat called Detensor. Today we bring to your attention a newer device – Lumbarest. In fact, the difference between them lies in the infrared heater, which we have added in the latest modification in order to speed up the therapeutic procedure.

Video Manual How to Apply Back Traction Mat Lumbarest for Lower Back Pain Relief

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