Most Effective Back Pain Relief Exercises

exercise for back pain
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Given the constant work hours and sitting position for the maximum hours of the day, and several other reasons, a majority today faces constant back pain. It can be due to several medical reasons too, the most common being over excretions. Though it can be very worrisome in itself, there are many simple easy exercises at home which can help to relieve this pain.

Bringing an upright posture is the key. Mostly it is your wrong posture which initiates the pain. Just by sitting straight or with some support you can align your spine and help relieve the stress it faces. Your posture means a lot. Just by keeping a good posture you can relieve 50% stress off your back.

Nature has made our spine in such a way that it is designed to move. So helping it stretch can relieve the pain. But remember never to do it too much! It should be done gracefully. One should not exert himself too much that it causes pain. Stretches can be done by taking help from some instructor. After stretching as much as it is physically easy for you hold your stretches for a few seconds allowing your muscles and joints to relax, and then carefully let go. There are multiple stretching techniques few being; Back Flexion, Knee to Chest Flexion, Hip Stretching, Piriformis Muscle stretching, etc.

Yoga has since a very long time been a very healthy activity. It helps one relax. And relaxation reduces the stress! There are several yoga exercises which can help i.e. Supine Hamstring Stretch, Two Knee Twist etc. the details of which you can get from your personal physician.

Regular walking:
Walking is a moderate exercise. Remember to keep your back active but do not indulge in heavy strenuous activity, especially if you have a medical condition. Walking works out best since it brings your spine in a neutral position the way it was meant to be.

Medical consult:
Sometimes the back pain can be due to carrying heavy weight, dynamic movements and activities, disc slip and nerve damage. In these scenarios you must consult your MD as exercising may prove to damage the already weakened spine

To sum it up, any type of pain is basically your attitude towards it. Keeping a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is the answer to a majority of questions in life. However, if the pain persists for a long period of time, it is strictly recommended to consult your doctor before pursuing any self-treatment.