Lumbarest – Home Spinal Traction Devices

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Treat your back pain with Lumbar Rest May
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Lumbarest – Home Spinal Traction Devices

Home Spinal Traction Device Lumbarest for Back Traction at Home

“LUMBAREST” – a system for back traction at home with a rib design is made of a material that has a unique ability to adapt to the contours of the body. The compressibility and the point elasticity of it are such that a neutral position of the spine is achieved in the position on the side, back or abdomen, since the edges of the “Lumbarest”, as the points of support are always under the body of the recumbent, and their surface and base are calculated in strict accordance with Weight (mass) of the body.

And since the traction force depends on the body weight, it is always individual for each individual person (healthy or patient). Because of this important feature, ligaments and muscles are overtaxed, and, consequently, possible traumatization’s, in contrast to other devices and systems used to stretch the spine (“dry” traction: the Glisson loop, hinge tables, underwater traction, etc.).

Home Spinal Traction Device Lumbarest Therapy Mechanism:

At the basis of the therapeutic effect of the home back traction of the spinal column is the mechanism of reducing the internal disk pressure. This contributes to the fact that the hernia protrusions of the disc are eliminated due to its absorption and self-correction. Back traction therapy reduces or completely stops the tension of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the disc, which reduces pain and allows a long-term remission. With the help of spondylography, the possibility of stretching certain PDS and increasing the intervertebral disk capacity has been proved.

The elongation persists for a certain time after the traction has ceased. The tract leads to spinal decompression of the nerve structures, improves local hemodynamics, reduces edema, eliminates the pathological tension of the muscles and the resulting muscle contractures, as well as subluxations of the intervertebral joints. The magnitude of the dilatation of the PDS is different and uneven in the length of the spinal column with various extension techniques.

Accordingly, the height of intervertebral apertures is also uneven, which affects the effectiveness of treatment. In this case, it should be borne in mind that traction with excess cargo causes a protective reaction from the paravertebral muscles, more lumbar, as more powerful. This prevents further increase in intervertebral distances in this region and they can even decrease on the background of irrational stretching.

How Home Spinal Traction Device Works:

The system Lumbarest allows you to produce traction of the spinal column in the gentlest way, exercising self-regulation, focusing on the patient’s body weight, and evenly distributing the traction force, excluding excessive loads.

Stretching and spinal cord traction positively affects and with non-intestinal pathology, tk. Affects the receptors of both fibrotic and muscle tissue. The irritation of stretched muscular receptors causes the irrigation of the corresponding spinal centers, restoration of their working capacity, especially after prolonged fatigue. Reflex way improves peripheral circulation, which normalizes metabolic processes and contributes to the relief of pain.

Stationary back traction devices due to the bulk of the structures, their high cost and the risk of traumatizing the patient, have not received wide circulation. Devices for Lumbarest therapy are comfortable, portable and allow under any conditions to make sparing traction of the spine, restore the natural biorhythm of its physiological lengthening and normalize the metabolism of intervertebral discs, eliminate muscle spasm and pain syndromes.

Clinical study: “Investigation of the influence of the traction devices for lower back LUMBAREST therapy” led to the creation of three degrees of stiffness of the “Lumbarest” spine decompression system for adult patients and two degrees of rigidity for children, considering the fact that the traction force is determined by the body weight. Surface fins and structurally conditioned air spaces provide an ideal opportunity to saturate the system with air. Special stretch sheets help the air exchange system. The insulating capacity of empty spaces between the ribs ensures optimal heat exchange. During movements in sleep, the humidity of the system is additionally regulated.

Briefly, the method of the back traction at home Lumbarest – therapy is a system for safe comfortable relaxation (muscular relaxation), especially of the near-vertebral muscles and sparing stretching (traction) of the spine to restore its full functioning.

It meets the basic requirements for an ideal system for the restoration of the spine, namely: the combination of simultaneous prolonged stretching in conditions of complete relaxation while maintaining physiological curves of the spine. This is provided by an elastic structure having inclined ribs, the position of which is changed by the weight of the patient.

When the patient is placed on the system, optimal directional traction forces are formed, strictly depending on the weight (mass) of the patient’s body, which, in aggregate, leads to unloading of the kinematic system of the spine.

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