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    Now, back pain sufferers have an instrument that eliminates the previously listed disadvantages in lower back pain treatment. The idea is not new – to take the force of gravity, which compresses and loads the vertebrae cord and move together spinal discs, but apply it for treatment and prevention of back pain problem. Our back decompression device is designed in such a way that by simply lying on it, the patient’s weight causes a pulling force of 15 to 20% of his weight.

    We are here to help those patients who want Lumbar relief back stretcher & suffer from lumbar back pain, lower back pain, neck pains supports, and many more. We have come to take full responsibility to take health care of yourselves. to know more about our blog sites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Tumblr click that particular text.

    The LUMBAREST is the best therapeutic mat that provides the greatest spinal traction forces. Designed in the USA, for the best lumbar pain relief treatment & prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal stretcher system. It is used for intensive lumbar back pain treatment of the spine, both in medical and at home.

    As a result of this important feature from the USA, overstrain of ligaments and muscles pain, lumbar pain back stretcher,  is prevented and consequently, possible traumatization, in contrast to other pain relief devices and back stretcher systems ( best in the USA ) used for stretching the spine (“dry” traction, Glisson’s loop, tables with loops, underwater traction, USA tech, etc.).

    Thank you for being with us.