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Lower back pain relief organically, without addictive drugs or risky surgery? Yes. It is possible!
Lumbarest back traction mat therapy – a technique useful for curvature of the spinal column, causes relaxation of the muscles running along the back, decompression of the intervertebral discs, which leads to a decrease in hernias, removal of pinched nerve endings, and also reduces pain after surgery. Lumbarest in translation means relaxation, relaxation in the lower back. The Lumbarest non-invasive decompression therapy method is a process of gentle traction and unloading of the spine. Lumbarest therapy mat is used to correct disorders in the spine, eliminate pain, improve metabolic processes in intervertebral discs, and improve the functioning of internal organs. The stretching of the spine occurs under conditions of relaxation in combination with the functional position of the spine while maintaining its physiological curves. This is achieved thanks to the special design of the traction system.

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