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Back pain is not uncommon; one in eight US residents suffers from it in some way. At the same time, there are hundreds or even thousands of “miraculous” remedies on the market for the treatment of back, lower back, or cervical pain. In this sea of offers, how do you choose what can really help you? And what are the most common options?

Most often, those suffering from back or lower back pain are offered the help of medical institutions specializing in the treatment of the spine and related diseases. And this is probably the best option, but there are a few comments. Firstly, you need health insurance to get the help of a doctor; otherwise, these are very expensive procedures. Secondly, you must go to this medical office, and it may not be close. You also need to choose the right specialist since back pain treatment services are offered by a chiropractor, a therapist, an orthopedist, a traumatology, a surgeon, a neuropathologist, and some others.

Our advice to you is to always start simple. Remember that spinal surgery is the latest option in a line of many. Start with simple procedures:

  • Gently stretch your joints and soft tissues with simple back stretching exercises or back traction devices. Remember: There is no magical panacea that can heal anyone. But reliable items have to have a satisfaction guarantee with a full refund.
  • Keep moving. You might not feel like it when you’re in pain. But this is probably the first thing your doctor will recommend.
  • Putting a warm heating pad on a sore back will reduce muscle spasms and relieve pain. If your neck hurts, you can apply not only heat but also cold to it: an ice pack wrapped in a towel or a cooling pad for 15-20 minutes. When it comes to the lower back, the cold will not help. The muscles of the back lie deeper than the muscles of the neck, so they will not have time to cool down in 15-20 minutes. And if you keep it cold for a long time, you can freeze the skin.
  • Go to the lower back pain shop and choose the pain relief device, matching to your needs.

Products that can help in the treatment of back or lower back pain in our lower back pain shop are selected with the greatest care. And the most effective solution, the Lumbarest back decompression mat, has a satisfaction guarantee and more than 87% successful results in the treatment of lower back and back pain. Lumbarest.com lower back pain shop is the premier source of back pain, prevention and wellness products including Lumbarest back decompression mat.

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