Looking for Remedies for Lower Back Pain? We Got You!

How do you Relieve Lower Back Pain at Home?

Lower back pain has disrupted the lives of around 619 million people worldwide, hampering their productivity and overall quality of life. If you count yourself among these individuals, we have covered you in this ultimate guide on pain management for lower back pain!

It features multiple remedies for lower back pain, from the easy-peasy at home lower back pain relief solutions to the best way to help with lower back pain; we have everything listed below. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the journey towards a healthier and pain-free life!

Rely on Heat and Cold Therapy

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind after an injury or when feeling pain is heat or cold therapy. So, here we have as the first and foremost cure for back pain in the lower back!

Cold compresses and ice packs work best to relieve lower back pain due to an injury. However, don’t apply heat right after a back injury, as it will, in turn, alleviate the pain by preventing swelling and numbing the entire region. You can apply heating pads to hot water bottles after 48 hours of injury. The soothing warmth will improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and boost natural healing.

Note: Heat therapy is effective for back injuries in only the first week.

Lumbarest mat – a home spine stretching device

Get Your Hands on the Lumbar Traction Device!

If you are suffering from consistent lower back pain and nothing seems to work for you. No worries. You must try the best way to help with lower back pain, i.e., with a Lumbar Traction Device. We suggest one from Lumbarest.

It’s a Lumbarest mat – a home spine stretching device that helps you eliminate lower back pain by fixing the root cause. Meaning that you can bid farewell to this tearing pain for a lifetime. How soothing to even imagine!

Coming to the point, how does this device work? This mat comprises several inclines, ribs, and rollers configured into a comprehensive system. All these parts move exactly opposite to that of the center. For instance, ribs tweak their position to offer a personalized experience owing to the weight of the individual lying on the mat, increasing intradiscal spaces in the backbone and supporting back stretching.

When lying in this super-comfortable position, your spine will not only unload, but your back muscles will relax, relieving the pain in your lower back. It also helps assist mineral and fluid flow into the backbone column and restore the vertebral column’s functionality. In short, this device is a major hit for every person around you with spine or back issues. So, why not gift them something more useful they will cherish for years?

Mind Your Posture

If we say your posture is the major culprit in your lower back pain, it won’t be wrong. So, ensure to mind your posture when sitting or doing activities, specifically the ones involving repetitive motions. Your aim must be to keep your spine erect most of the time and avoid slouching as much as you can.

Most importantly, when lifting something heavier, you should bend and straighten from your knees, not your waist. This will save your back from pressure that can cause lower back pain. On the other hand, if your job demands working at a desk, keep your feet intact with the floor and use a chair with lower back support. This can do wonders in lower back pain management.

Limit Your Bed Rest

Limit Your Bed Rest!

Yup, you read it right! No doubt, when struggling with lower back pain, all we need to do is lie on the bed and rest, but surprisingly, it can alleviate our pain. So, what are we supposed to do? Keep moving! The more you move, the more your muscles will relax and the more relaxed you feel.

Keep in mind that limited bed rest isn’t a mainstay for those who feel severe pain when sitting or standing. You guys can rest for a few hours for no more than one or two days. Still, hop inside your physician’s clinic for personalized advice, or you may call them.

Hands-on Manipulations

Hands-on manipulation is another important strategy to consider in pain management for lower back pain. Multiple hands-on treatments reduce lower back pain by relaxing tight muscles and improving posture and alignment. These manipulations mainly involve practitioners using their hands to apply a thrust to a joint.

However, it entirely depends on your pain’s root cause if you need to go with chiropractic adjustments or osteopathic manipulations. But you can’t question the effectiveness, as these are important chronic lumbar pain treatments.

lower back therapy also works well for chronic lumbar pain treatment

Lower Back Therapy

Last but not least, lower back therapy also works well for chronic lumbar pain treatment. Physicians use multiple physical therapies to relieve lower back pain, mainly focusing on strengthening core muscles and enhancing overall back function. However, be sure to choose the right physician; otherwise, you will end up spending loads of money on worthless sessions.

If you try low back therapy at home, you can practice cat-cow pose, pelvic tilt, bird dog, crunches, high and low planks, and Swiss ball exercises. All these are proven to be effective lower back pain solutions. So, why not spread your exercise mat and begin experiencing the relief now?

Wrapping It Up!

Lower back pain is one of the worst body pains to experience, as it hampers your overall movements, forcing you to live a disabled life. So, if you want to skip it, we hope you found our guide on pain management for lower back pain worth reading. Though all of the above-mentioned remedies for lower back pain are effective, if we had to choose one, we would surely invest in the Lumbar Traction Device from Lumbarest.

It’s because it’s a one-time investment to relieve lifetime lower back pain and doesn’t require following any hard and fast usage guidelines. All you need to do is spread your mat and lie down; the rest is left on the mat’s mechanics. How cool? So be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more helpful guides!